Who's Coming

Check this page frequently for a list of alumni who are saving the date for Reunion 2017! Use this list to see which of your friends, classmates and former roommates are making plans to come home to Georgetown from June 2-4, 2017!

Please note that online registrations are not reflected immediately on this page. Please allow seven business days for your registration status to be updated. If you sent your registration through the mail, please allow for up to ten business days for your registration status to be updated. If you have any questions please email alumnirelations@georgetown.edu.

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If you have any questions or changes, please e-mail alumnirelations@georgetown.edu or call 202-687-6800.

Magis Alumni
No. RSVP'd - 12
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Harry Bridges F'51 Yes Yes
Milo Cermak F'58 Yes
Donald Kanes F'59 Yes Yes
John Keyser C'59 Yes
Raymond (Ray) Mazza C'57 Yes Yes
Terence (Terry) O'Neil C'57 Yes Yes
Edward (Ed) Powers C'62 Yes
James (Jim) Ryan C'57 Yes Yes
Theresa Segreto Schweikert N'57 Yes Yes
Dale Smith F'57 Yes Yes
Paul Tagliabue C'62 Yes Yes
Vincent (Vince) Wolfington C'62 Yes
Class of 1967 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 99
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
John Barry B'67 Yes
William (Bill) Begley C'67, L'71 Yes Yes
Patricia DeCoster Brenner F'67 Yes
Thomas Brereton F'67 Yes Yes
Peter Brinkerhoff C'67 Yes
Ellen (Mary Ellen) Canepa Brzytwa N'67 Yes Yes
Edward (Ed) Campbell C'67 Yes Yes
Jeanne Campion N'67 Yes
Michael (Mike) Cannizzaro C'67 Yes
Warren Carroll F'67 Yes
William (Bill) Casey C'67 Yes
William Caskie C'67 Yes
Ernest (Ernie) Catucci C'67 Yes
Patricia Coan N'67 Yes Yes
Roger Coletti C'67 Yes Yes
Gregory Conley C'67 Yes Yes
John (Jack) Cullen C'67 Yes
Robert (Bob) Curry C'67 Yes
Wayne Cyron C'67 Yes Yes
Richard (Dick) Davis C'67 Yes Yes
John Devlin B'67 Yes Yes
Carl DiRobbio C'67, M'71 Yes Yes
R. Thomas (Tom) Divers C'67, MS'69 Yes Yes
John Drummond C'67, PHD'75 Yes
Susan Hawkins Dubilo N'67 Yes
Jeffry (Jeff) Dwyer F'67, L'70 Yes Yes
Ernest Fazio C'67 Yes Yes
Ralph Ferrara B'67 Yes
Sheila Burlington Finnerty N'67 Yes Yes
Timothy Fischer C'67 Yes
Robert (Bob) Flanagan B'67 Yes Yes
Leona Florek N'67 Yes Yes
Joan Kerwin Foster N'67 Yes Yes
Kenneth Fuchs F'67 Maybe
Fred Gretsch C'67 Yes Yes
Robert Haggerty B'67 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Haller C'67 Yes
Shirley Heim N'67 Yes Yes
Edmund (Neil) Heskin B'67 Yes
Timothy Hickey C'67 Yes Yes
Paul Hill B'67 Yes Yes
Faith Cavanagh Holefelder I'67 Yes Yes
W. Craig (Craig) Howell C'67 Yes Yes
David Huber F'67 Yes Yes
Karen Reed Kearns N'67 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Keefe C'67, L'70 Yes Yes
James Kehoe F'67 Yes
Francis (Frank) Kelly F'67 Yes
Jane (Janey) Duggan Kerney-Ogle F'67 Yes Yes
William King C'67 Yes
Jane Staudt Kirschner I'67 Yes
John Knispel C'67, M'71 Yes Yes
Eric Kulka C'67 Maybe
Theodor (Ted) Kundtz B'67 Yes
William Lawrence C'67 Yes
Carol Krajenke Lawrence N'67 Yes
Patricia (Pat) Richter Lawson F'67 Yes
James (Jim) Listorti C'67 Yes Yes
Kleia Raubitschek Luckner N'67 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Lydon C'67, L'90 Yes Yes
Cheryl English Martin F'67 Yes Yes
Margaret (Maggie) Crawford Martins N'67 Yes Yes
Peter Matlon F'67 Yes Yes
William Mayer C'67 Yes
Richard (Rich) McCune B'67 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) McDermott B'67 Yes Yes
Robert McGarry C'67 Yes Yes
Michael Morris C'67 Yes Yes
Lee (Skip) Munnich C'67 Yes
William (Bill) Murray C'67 Yes
Richard (Dick) Newburger F'67 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Norris B'67 Yes Yes
John Peak B'67, L'70 Yes Yes
Richard Pettinato C'67, MA'69 Yes
Pamela Pepe Philbin I'67 Yes Yes
Robert (Bob) Ras C'67, L'76 Yes
Joseph Repice C'67, M'71 Maybe
Vincent Resh C'67 Yes Yes
Vincent (Vin) Rocque C'67 Yes
Donald (Don) Rotunda C'67 Yes Yes
John Ryan C'67 Yes
Donald Schaller C'67 Yes
Gerald (Jerry) Schneider C'67 Yes Yes
Michael Scully B'67 Yes Yes
Polly Seitz N'67 Yes Yes
Michael Semansky C'67 Yes Yes
John Sharman B'67 Yes
John Sieminski B'67, L'70 Yes
Eric Smith C'67, L'72 Yes
Gerald (Gerry) Sullivan C'67, L'74 Yes
Michael (Mike) Talbot B'67 Yes Yes
Ruth (Ruthie) Sullivan Tart N'67 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Tassini C'67 Yes Yes
John Tuccillo F'67 Yes Yes
John Tuohy C'67 Yes
Michael Uhl I'67 Maybe
Geoffrey (Geoff) Wiegman B'67, L'74 Yes
James Olin Woods C'67 Yes
Mark Woods F'67 Yes
Class of 1972 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 23
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Donald (Don) Belsito C'72 Yes
Merrill (Wes) Clark F'72 Yes Yes
Roger Cochetti F'72 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Corrigan F'72 Yes Yes
Alan Di Sciullo C'72, L'77 Yes
William (Bill) Doyle C'72 Yes
Michael Karam F'72, L'76, L'81 Yes Yes
Libby Heskin Kurry B'72 Yes
John McCormack C'72 Yes
Jeanne McDermott N'72 Yes Yes
Francis (Frank) McDonough C'72 Yes Yes
Mary Patricia (Mary Pat) Michel C'72, L'82 Yes Yes
Stephen (Skip) Moskey I'72, MS'75, PHD'78 Yes
Michael O'Neill C'72 Yes
Robert (Bob) Ott B'72 Yes Yes
William Person B'72 Yes Yes
Kathleen Walsh Pollack N'72 Yes
Kathleen (Kathy) Panehal Rahal I'72 Yes
Janet Pittenger Richert I'72 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Schroer C'72, MBA'84 Yes
Pamela Senesac N'72 Yes
Lawrence (Larry) Vitulano C'72 Yes Yes
Paul White C'72 Yes Yes
Class of 1977 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 103
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Jennifer MacPherson Abidari C'77 Yes
Joan Ascheim N'77 Yes
Elizabeth (Beth) Feeley Baine B'77 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Baine C'77 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Bianco B'77 Yes Yes
Richard (Rick) Boyle B'77 Yes
Lyn Brennan N'77 Yes
William (Bill) Brewin C'77 Yes Yes
Beth Karshenbaum Brown B'77 Yes
Lynne Vasil Carry N'77 Maybe
Thomas (Tom) Cavanagh C'77 Yes
Christopher (Chris) Chaconas B'77 Yes
Frank (Franko) Chovitz C'77 Yes
John Clyde C'77 Yes
Peter Colaianni B'77 Yes Yes
Manuel (Manny) Corday B'77 Yes Yes
Patricia (Pat) Smigielski Curry N'77 Yes Yes
Frank D'Ambrosio B'77 Yes
Gail Davis Cardwell F'77 Yes
Armand Della Porta C'77 Yes Yes
Leslie DiMaio B'77 Yes Yes
Lisa Cherubini Diletti C'77 Yes Yes
Raymond Dillon C'77 Maybe
Monica Dodi B'77 Yes
Thomas (Tom) Doyle C'77 Yes
Susan Polk Dugan I'77 Yes
Carmen Lamadrid Duncan F'77 Yes
Mark Ellsworth C'77 Yes
Emmet Fitzgerald C'77 Yes Yes
Timothy (Tim) Fitzgibbon F'77, L'83 Yes Yes
Steven (Steve) Friedman B'77 Yes
Joseph (Joe) Gibbons C'77 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Glassen B'77 Yes
Pamela Gort C'77 Yes
Mary Prendergast Grein C'77 Yes Yes
Norine Gutekanst C'77 Maybe
Eileen Sinon Halsch C'77 Yes
Eileen McCormack Harte B'77 Yes
Katherine (Katie) Erhart Hayes C'77 Yes Yes
Joan (Joanie) McDonough Healy N'77 Yes Yes
Margaret (Peg) Wilson Heldring C'77 Yes
E. Martin Heldring F'77 Yes
Edward (Ted) Hoff F'77 Yes
Anne (Nancy) O'Neal Holloway B'77 Yes
Juliana (Julie) Jacobson N'77 Yes Yes
Louis Kallas B'77 Yes
Ellen Winer Kay F'77 Yes
Sheila Keller F'77 Yes Yes
George Kelly C'77 Yes Yes
Peggy Jacobs Koury F'77 Maybe
Helene Meier Kunkel F'77 Yes
Maryanne Montgomery Lachman B'77 Yes Yes
Abner (Marty) Landry C'77 Yes
Gerald (Jerry) Lauria C'77 Yes Yes
Daniel Lenihan C'77 Yes
Laura Gruen Lester Taylor F'77 Yes Yes
Maria Lopez-Ona I'77 Yes Yes
Blythe Jones Lyons F'77 Yes
Leo Madden F'77 Yes
Constance (Connie) McAneney N'77, MS'82, M'86 Yes
Christine Williams McEntee N'77 Yes
Henry (Hank) McEntee C'77 Yes
Terence McGannon C'77 Yes Yes
Richard (Rich) McHugh C'77, L'80 Yes Yes
Martina Mead F'77 Yes Yes
Mark Miner C'77 Yes
Timothy Mooney C'77 Yes
Sheila Monagan Moran N'77 Yes
John Muller C'77 Yes
Kevin (Ed) Murphy B'77 Yes
Kevin Murphy F'77 Yes
Kathleen Monahan Neidhardt N'77 Yes Yes
J. Michael (Mike) Niehoff C'77 Yes Yes
Bernard (Brian) O'Hare C'77 Yes Yes
Sally Mackall Ott N'77 Yes Yes
Suzanne Owens F'77 Yes
Nancy Smith Purpura N'77 Yes
Mark Quinn B'77 Yes
James Reddy B'77 Yes Yes
Nancy Ripp Clark C'77, M'81 Yes Yes
Diane Ninnie Roberts F'77 Yes Yes
Kathleen Collins Rooney F'77 Yes
Susan Steele Rose N'77 Yes Yes
Jay Rosenstein C'77 Yes
Robert (Rob) Roussel F'77 Yes
William Schaarschmidt C'77 Maybe
John Shea C'77 Yes
Peter Slone F'77 Yes Yes
Richard (Rick) Smith C'77 Yes
Sylvan Sobel C'77 Yes
Dianne Proctor Somers I'77 Yes
Madelyn Spirnak F'77 Yes
Kathleen (Kathy) Starrs N'77 Yes Yes
Loretta (Lorie) Staudt C'77, M'81, R'88 Yes
Donald (Don) Sullivan F'77 Yes Yes
Gene Tartaglia B'77 Maybe
Robin Jacobson Tarver I'77 Yes Yes
Jane Dyer Trevisan B'77 Yes
Michele (Murph) Murphy Trifari C'77 Yes
James (Jim) Vicenzi C'77 Yes
Kathryn Truter Von Rueden N'77 Yes Yes
Steven Westgren F'77 Yes Yes
Burke Wong F'77, L'84 Yes
Class of 1982 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 101
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Laurie Allen I'82 Yes
Fraser Allport F'82 Yes
Donna Cooke Audritsh F'82 Yes
Mary Kay Jordan Axford F'82 Yes
Valli Baldassano C'82 Yes
Regina Barry C'82 Yes Yes
Todd Bernhardt C'82 Yes
George Biagi C'82 Yes
Rita Jakeway Bigelow B'82 Yes Yes
Ann Janetatos Braun I'82 Yes Yes
Shawn Euen Brenneman C'82 Yes
Thomas Britt C'82 Yes Yes
Bryan Carey C'82 Yes Yes
Sara Boudakian Cegelski I'82 Yes
Marjorie Dewey Chiba F'82 Yes
Kathryn (Kathy) Hoeymans Ciampi N'82 Yes Yes
Elisabeth Keib Conforti N'82, MS'86 Yes
Audrey Obernauer Cope I'82 Yes
James (Jim) Corcoran B'82 Yes
Maria Comerford Corcoran B'82 Yes
Irene (Renie) Costello C'82 Yes
Kevin Crain C'82 Yes
Ide Weitzen Dangoor F'82 Yes
Leslie Gorman DeRosa C'82 Yes Yes
Hollis Dittersdorf C'82 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Djavaherian F'82, L'86 Yes Yes
Mary Sullivan Douglas C'82 Yes
Pamela Dowling C'82 Yes Yes
Joseph Dzaluk B'82 Yes
Edward Ecker B'82 Yes
Peter (Otter) Farrell C'82 Yes Yes
Kathleen Zimmermann Fearon C'82 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Fitzgerald C'82 Yes Yes
Luis Fortuno F'82 Yes
Ladan Foruraghi B'82 Yes
Maria-Cristina Garcia C'82 Yes Yes
Paula Rosanelli Gargan N'82 Yes Yes
Greg Gavin C'82 Yes Yes
Robert (Bobby) Gerard C'82 Yes Yes
William (Bill) Goodell C'82 Yes
Anne Murphy Griffin I'82 Yes Yes
Michael Haney B'82 Yes
Ismael (Ish) Herrero B'82, L'85 Yes
Malinda Hetrick I'82 Yes Yes
Pamela Storms Hufnagel B'82 Yes
Elizabeth Iadavaia C'82 Yes Yes
Bart Isdaner B'82 Yes
Eileen Gaul Isdaner B'82 Yes Yes
Karen Snyder Jackson C'82 Yes Yes
Jeffrey (Jeff) Jaffee C'82 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Johanek C'82 Yes
Eric John F'82 Maybe
Jane Kirby-Zaki F'82 Yes
Elizabeth (Betsy) Koop N'82 Yes Yes
Steven Kourelakos B'82 Yes
Lance Langston F'82 Yes
Richard LePetri C'82 Yes Yes
Kathryn Lu B'82 Yes
Matthew (Matt) Lustig F'82 Yes Yes
M. Rebecca Gordon Lynes F'82 Yes
William (Bill) Mahlan C'82 Yes
John Mansour B'82 Yes
Kathy Marks C'82, L'85 Yes Yes
Wayne Mason F'82 Yes
Lisa Huelbig Mathiasen C'82 Yes Yes
Eileen Quinn McCartney N'82 Yes Yes
Christine Zullo Melgar C'82, MS'83, M'87 Yes Yes
James Meranus C'82 Yes Yes
Dominick Modugno C'82 Yes Yes
Catherine Monzel F'82 Yes Yes
Sean Murphy C'82 Yes Yes
Timothy Newman C'82 Maybe
Bernard (Barry) Nigro C'82 Yes
Kim Korzeniewski Olson I'82 Yes
Frank Orzechowski B'82 Yes Yes
Christine (Christie) Branagan Palmer N'82 Yes Yes
Karen Fink Perlmutter B'82 Yes
Erin Reid C'82 Yes
Margaret (Meg) Reynolds C'82 Yes
Donna Gerardi Riordan C'82 Yes Yes
Peter Rizzo C'82, MS'83, M'87 Yes
Lynne Olson Rush N'82 Yes Yes
Matthew Schaefer C'82 Yes
Robert Schoeberlein C'82 Yes Yes
Katherine (Kathy) Schroeder F'82 Yes Yes
Paul Schwartzman C'82 Yes
Carole (C.J.) Conway Sevely B'82 Yes
Patrick Shannon C'82 Yes
Marjan Khalili Sharifi I'82 Yes Yes
Barbara Murray Sievers F'82 Yes
Mark Sievers C'82, L'86 Yes
James (Ed) Spriggs C'82 Yes
Brian Strauss B'82 Maybe
John Thomas C'82, L'86, MBA'86 Yes
Leslie Cross Thompson N'82 Yes
Mark Vermylen C'82 Yes
Kimberly George Vranceanu C'82 Yes
Mary Jane Marski Walsh N'82 Yes
Karen Wehman Kennedy C'82 Yes
Thomas (Tom) Wong C'82 Yes Yes
David Zrike C'82 Yes Yes
Class of 1987 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 97
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Merrie Cailletaud Archer I'87 Yes Yes
Mary Arends-Kuenning F'87 Yes
John (Jack) Ballinghoff F'87 Yes
Kerin Torpey Bashaw N'87 Yes
Raphael Bastian C'87 Yes Yes
Keith Behrens B'87 Yes Yes
Thomas Benz F'87 Yes
Darleen Berg F'87 Yes
Maureen Reynolds Brener I'87 Yes
M. Scott (Scott) Brener C'87 Yes Yes
Miriam Leon Buono B'87 Yes Yes
Francis (Frank) Buono C'87, L'92 Yes Yes
Amy Gelinas Burke N'87 Yes
Kristin Stenberg Butler C'87 Yes Yes
Julienne (Julie) Morriss Callaway C'87 Yes Yes
Karen Cellarius I'87 Yes Yes
Deanna Holt Chaudoin C'87 Yes Yes
Courtney Clark C'87 Yes Yes
William Coble C'87 Yes
Michele Colucci C'87, L'90 Yes Yes
Anne Ohlheiser Crowell N'87 Yes
Christine Ratti Czerniecki C'87 Yes Yes
David Czerniecki B'87 Yes Yes
Patricia (Trish) Concannon DeSantis B'87 Yes Yes
Dawn Wilson Dec B'87 Yes Yes
Kathleen Dietrich N'87 Yes Yes
Roslyn Donald F'87 Yes
Paula Donermeyer C'87 Yes Yes
Patricia (Patty) Connery DuCharme N'87 Yes
Jonathan Duffy B'87 Yes
Teresa Estrada-Berg F'87 Yes Yes
Michael Faino B'87 Yes Yes
Mary Foley C'87 Yes
Paul Fonseca C'87 Yes
Joseph (Joe) Gaffigan B'87 Yes Yes
Lucy Hunt Gilson F'87 Yes Yes
Maura McGowan Gordy C'87 Yes Yes
Tara McGinnis Gyenis F'87 Yes Yes
Ellen Hardy B'87 Yes
Andrew (Andy) Hart C'87 Yes
Keith Hennessey B'87 Yes Yes
Linda Holden-Bryant C'87 Yes
Joseph Hopkins F'87 Yes
Abigail (Abby) Walker Horrigan C'87 Yes
Harlan (Hi) Howard C'87 Yes
Joanne Johnson C'87 Yes Yes
Monique Jones B'87 Yes
Margaret (Meg) Concannon Joyce B'87 Yes
Susan Mallory Kayat F'87 Maybe
William (Will) Kenworthy F'87 Yes Yes
Beth Harrison Kissinger F'87 Yes Yes
Joseph (Joe) Kresse B'87 Yes Yes
Matthew Kuenning F'87 Yes
Mark Lauinger B'87 Yes
Mary Beth Machado Lescault N'87 Yes
Geraldine Hughes Link C'87 Yes Yes
Richard (Rich) Lucas B'87 Yes Yes
Judith Lyons I'87 Yes Yes
Marianne McLaughlin MacDonald C'87 Yes
Suzanne (Suzie) Lobo Maguire I'87 Yes Yes
David Mallett B'87 Yes Yes
Paul Marchione C'87 Yes Yes
Lisa Eckerman Mariam C'87 Yes Yes
David Matthews F'87 Yes Yes
Paul (Hunior) McCarthy C'87 Yes
Alicia Cummings McGlinchey F'87 Yes Yes
James (Jim) McGrail C'87 Yes Yes
John McNamara B'87 Yes
Andrea Miano C'87, L'90 Yes Yes
Katherine (Kemy) Monahan F'87 Yes Yes
Peter Moon C'87 Yes Yes
Padraic (Paddy) McSherry Morton C'87 Yes Yes
Zoe Heineman Myers F'87 Yes Yes
Pamela (Pam) Pastore B'87 Yes
Noreen Morgan Petraitis B'87 Yes
Nora Priest I'87 Yes Yes
John Przypyszny C'87, L'90 Yes Yes
Margaret (Meg) Maher Rogers C'87 Yes Yes
A. Erin Ruane C'87 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Russell C'87 Yes Yes
Lee Becker Salamone I'87 Yes
David Salit B'87 Yes Yes
Alberto Santos F'87 Yes Yes
Soraya Sesto F'87 Yes Yes
David Shepherd F'87 Yes Yes
Robert (Bob) Stein C'87 Yes Yes
Gary Thompson C'87 Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Ryan Thompson C'87 Yes Yes
Nga Nguyen Turner C'87 Yes Yes
Therese Horvath Umholtz F'87 Yes Yes
Anthony (Tony) Van Dervort B'87 Yes Yes
Vittoria Varianini B'87 Yes Yes
Billie Milam Walker I'87 Yes Yes
Patricia (Trish) Murphy Wegman B'87 Yes
Joel Weinberger B'87 Yes Yes
Cathryn (Cathy) Jones Williard I'87 Yes Yes
Stephanie Rawlings von Friedeburg F'87 Yes Yes
Class of 1992 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 120
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Kerry Fitzgerald Andrasick C'92 Yes Yes
Evelyn Aswad F'92, L'95 Yes Yes
Andrea Taylor Baker C'92 Yes
Carlos Baptiste C'92 Yes Yes
Gary Baumgartner B'92 Yes Yes
Charles (Charlie) Benziger C'92 Yes Yes
Matt Bigge F'92 Yes
Alexandra Saab Bjertnaes B'92 Yes
Christopher Bodiford B'92 Yes
Deborah King Bowman C'92 Yes Yes
Kristen (Kris) Luke Brooks N'92 Yes
Tiffany Hosey Brown C'92 Yes
John Bruel C'92 Yes
Kecia Caffie F'92 Yes Yes
Aileen Furlong Caffrey C'92 Yes
Ean Callanan C'92, MS'93, PHD'98 Yes Yes
Angelique Schuldenfrei Campen C'92 Yes Yes
Daniel Carter F'92 Yes Yes
Samantha Kirby Caruth I'92 Yes
Laurel Beltrone Cavalluzzo B'92 Yes
Margaret (Margie) Agliozzo Chapman N'92 Yes Yes
Jorge Chavez F'92 Yes Yes
Karen Clanton C'92 Yes Yes
Claudia Monsalvez Clark I'92 Yes Yes
Nathan Cobb C'92 Yes Yes
Kristen Jones Connell I'92 Yes Yes
Patricia (Tricia) Corace-Malone B'92 Yes Yes
Lisa Pizzimenti Dalrymple C'92 Yes Yes
Scott Dalrymple B'92 Yes Yes
Catherine Davis C'92 Yes
Jonathan DeSimone C'92 Yes Yes
Kevin Dermody C'92 Yes
James (Jim) Deutch C'92 Yes Yes
Michele Di Pietro B'92 Yes Yes
Jennifer Dunphy N'92 Yes
Maura McManimon Fennessy C'92 Yes Yes
Timothy (Tim) Foster C'92 Yes Yes
Erin Hogan Fouberg F'92 Yes
Assunta Gaglione-Austin F'92 Yes
Jennifer Davies Gagnon N'92 Yes
Dion Gallant C'92 Yes Yes
Shelly Pettigrew Gardeniers F'92 Yes Yes
Antonio Gracias F'92, MSFS'93 Yes
Margarita Granados-Sawhney B'92 Yes Yes
Jonathan Grant B'92 Yes
Jennifer Ailes Greer I'92 Yes
Mary Maguire Grubert C'92 Yes Yes
Russell Hackmann F'92 Yes
Thomas Harrington B'92 Yes Yes
Mark Heckel C'92 Yes Yes
Kaya Henderson F'92, EML'07, H'12 Yes Yes
Dane Hulquist C'92 Yes Yes
Marie Hurabiell C'92 Yes Yes
Maria Matus Janson I'92 Yes
Tamara (Tammy) Jezic C'92 Yes
Carl Johnson C'92 Yes Yes
Jim Kerr B'92 Yes Yes
Kristin (Kris) Koval C'92 Yes
Thomas Krajewski B'92 Yes
Patrick Kutac I'92 Yes
Jennifer Nystrom L'Estrange B'92 Yes
Joseph Lawrence C'92 Yes
Thomas (Tom) Lenehan B'92 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Lesperance F'92 Yes
Maureen Lewis C'92 Yes
Jason Lewis C'92 Yes Yes
Franz Loriega C'92 Yes
Shawn Lytle B'92 Yes
Todd Mackey C'92 Yes
Tracy Davis Mackey C'92, L'95 Yes
Toby Malara C'92 Yes
David Marcato B'92 Yes
Jay Martin I'92 Yes
Deanna Cebular Menold B'92 Yes
Martha Parsons Miller C'92 Yes
Rachel Smith Mirage B'92 Yes Yes
William (Will) Mitchell F'92 Yes
Brian Monahan C'92 Yes Yes
Libby Kuffner Nealis C'92 Yes
Angela (Angie) Huston O'Brien C'92 Yes Yes
Sean O'Brien C'92 Yes Yes
Katie Madden Pandes C'92 Yes
Michael Pappas C'92 Yes
Justin Pearlman F'92 Yes Yes
Jonathan Peckham C'92 Yes Yes
Jennifer Colello Pendleton C'92 Yes Yes
Marco Poisler F'92 Yes
Darren Pollock C'92 Yes Yes
James (Jim) Quinn C'92 Yes Yes
Matthew Regan B'92 Yes Yes
Daniel Reichmann C'92, MS'97 Yes
Lee Rideout F'92 Yes
John Rosenberg B'92 Yes Yes
Laura Seitz C'92 Yes
John Sheehan C'92 Yes Yes
Sarbjit (Sab) Singh B'92 Yes Yes
Stacey Skigen B'92 Yes
Karmi Soder N'92 Yes Yes
Derek (Rick) Stocker C'92, M'96 Yes Yes
Todd Strother B'92 Yes
Jerome Swindell C'92 Yes Yes
William (Bill) Tanzola F'92 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Thomsen F'92 Yes Yes
Karla Tozour Toensing N'92 Yes
Julie Schumm Torrey C'92, L'95 Yes Yes
Gregory Tramontozzi B'92 Yes
Deanne Yanek Travis F'92 Yes
Maurile Tremblay C'92 Maybe
Brandon (BTut) Tutwiler B'92 Yes
Tiffany Tyler F'92 Yes Yes
James (J.P.) Valin C'92 Yes Yes
Christine Vayo C'92 Yes Yes
David Viotti C'92, L'98 Yes Yes
Edward (Ed) Walters C'92 Yes
Allison Canfield Ward F'92 Yes Yes
Amanda Weig C'92 Yes Yes
Gretchen Werwaiss C'92, L'95 Yes Yes
Susan Aldridge Wilson B'92 Yes Yes
Radovan Zivojinovic B'92 Yes Yes
Alexandra de Haan F'92 Yes Yes
Class of 1997 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 105
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Muriel Aciman B'97 Maybe
Annette Almazan C'97, L'04 Yes Yes
Patricia Silva Alton C'97 Yes Yes
Andrea Arria-Devoe C'97 Yes
Stephanie Athanasoulas N'97 Yes Yes
Rhondale-Marie (Rhon) Barras C'97 Yes Yes
Rashidah Bashir B'97 Yes Yes
Alex Brown C'97 Yes
Kevin Brunel C'97 Yes
Monique Bynoe B'97 Yes
Catharine (Kay) Gustafson Carne B'97 Yes Yes
Kristie Chang F'97, S'18 Yes
Nabanita Chaterjee C'97 Yes Yes
Daniel Christmas C'97 Yes Yes
Wendy Martinec Christmas N'97 Yes
Christopher (Chris) Colman C'97 Yes Yes
Gabrielle Colombi C'97 Yes
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Walker Conroy C'97 Yes
Randall Cook F'97 Yes
Christina Corso C'97 Yes
Kristen King Cullen N'97 Yes Yes
Daniel Cunniffe C'97 Yes Yes
Gregory DeLuca C'97 Yes
Khary DeWitt B'97 Yes
Roxana Mullin Dommer C'97 Yes Yes
Erin Donovan C'97 Yes
Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger F'97 Yes
David Egan C'97 Yes Yes
Cristina Fernandez B'97 Yes
Marc Ferro B'97 Yes Yes
James Freel B'97 Yes
Michael Frost B'97 Yes Yes
Michele Gaglione F'97 Yes
Amra Rizvanbegovic Garcia-Tunon F'97 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Feeney Garrett F'97 Yes
Daniel Gerkin C'97 Yes Yes
Megan Costello Gipson C'97 Yes Yes
Courtney Hopkins Giraudo N'97 Yes Yes
Dana Levitas Golub C'97 Yes
Isabel Gonzalez B'97 Yes
Anil Gupta F'97 Yes Yes
James Haas F'97 Yes Yes
Donald Hawks C'97 Yes
Matthew (Matt) Heckman C'97 Yes Yes
Mark Hetenyi B'97 Yes
Peter Hickey C'97 Yes
Dorothy (Dottie) Shea Hobin B'97 Yes
William (Bill) Holmberg B'97 Yes Yes
Jason Horn B'97 Yes
Ari Jacoby C'97 Yes
Erica Johnson C'97 Yes
Jessica Weller Kartel C'97 Yes Yes
Maria (Margui) Ibarra Kohn B'97 Yes
Melanie Adler Kosloff C'97 Yes
Jessica Lappin C'97 Yes
Lawrence Legates F'97 Yes
Mitchell Leiman B'97 Yes Yes
Angelo Liberatore B'97 Yes
Krista Lindhard F'97, L'09, L'14 Yes
Mary Beth Schulz Livengood B'97 Yes
Michael (Mike) Locker B'97 Yes Yes
Alexander (Alex) Loucopoulos F'97 Yes
Alex Lue B'97 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Gavigan MacEntee C'97 Yes Yes
Jack (John) Mackin B'97 Yes Yes
Charlotte York Matthews C'97 Yes
Patrick (Pat) Matthews C'97 Yes
Heather Powers McBride C'97 Yes Yes
Peter McCurdy B'97 Yes Yes
Carly McVey F'97 Yes
Jose Mora C'97 Yes Yes
Sandra Mustienes C'97 Yes Yes
George Newton F'97 Yes
Celeste Egan O'Connor N'97 Yes Yes
Timothy O'Keefe C'97 Yes Yes
Cayetana Palazio F'97 Yes Yes
Mark Penna C'97 Yes
Mariela Perez-Ralston B'97 Yes
Christine Schessler Poscablo C'97 Yes Yes
Vi Quach-Braig B'97 Yes
Sean Redmond F'97, S'00, MBAE'11 Yes Yes
Tim Renz B'97 Yes Yes
Helaine Tiglias Renz B'97 Yes Yes
Blair Rich C'97 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Rivera C'97 Yes Yes
Mauricio Sada-Paz F'97 Yes Yes
William (Bill) Samuels C'97 Yes Yes
Ryan Severino C'97 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Shlala F'97, MAAS'08, MA'09, PHD'09 Yes
Richelle Grabowski Simmons B'97 Yes Yes
Colin Smyth C'97 Yes Yes
Lisa Ashkar Souter B'97 Yes
Sarah Swanson C'97 Yes Yes
James Sweet F'97 Yes Yes
Liza Sutherland Tamashunas C'97 Yes
Leigh Bryan Teittinen C'97 Yes
Jason Townsend F'97 Yes Yes
Sol Tucker B'97 Yes
Shannon Vosseller C'97 Yes
Carrie Walker C'97 Yes Yes
Bryan Woodward C'97 Yes
Makoto (Mack) Yamashita F'97 Yes
Shawn Yerkes B'97 Yes Yes
Zaid Zaid F'97 Yes Yes
Daniel Zalcman C'97 Yes Yes
Class of 2002 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 87
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Saba Ahmad B'02 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Angney C'02 Yes Yes
Monica Manginello Ashley B'02 Yes Yes
Augustine Bartning F'02 Yes
Andre Benjamin C'02 Yes
Elizabeth Katz Brock N'02, MS'04 Yes
Betsy Verrill Bullock B'02 Maybe
Maurice Castellano B'02 Yes Yes
Meghan Conaton C'02 Yes
Brian Conroy B'02 Yes
Jonathan (Nick) Cook F'02, L'09 Yes Yes
Priscilla Crisologo F'02 Yes
Lilla Curran C'02 Yes
Carolyn Daley Scott C'02 Yes
Justin De La Chapelle C'02 Yes Yes
Stephanie Love Deur B'02 Yes Yes
Maura Cannon Dick B'02 Yes Yes
Patrick Donegan B'02 Yes
Paul Dotto F'02 Yes
Kateri DuBay C'02 Yes
Megan Dwyer C'02 Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Eavey B'02 Yes
Kirwan Elliott B'02 Yes
Sarah Needham Engebretsen C'02 Yes Yes
Rachel Farley-Loftus C'02 Yes
Bianca Shorteno Fraser Fraser-Johnson B'02 Yes
Brooke Fricke B'02 Yes
Roger Gill B'02 Yes Yes
Eli Gonda C'02 Yes Yes
Michelle Goryn C'02 Yes
Joanna Christman Graham C'02 Maybe
Shannon Becker Green C'02, M'07 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Griffin F'02 Yes
Melanie Wood Haskell B'02 Yes
Andrew Hayashi F'02 Yes
Jennifer Hernandez F'02 Yes
Belinda Pereira Hill B'02 Yes
Paul Holder B'02 Yes Yes
Anna Homsey B'02 Yes Yes
Rosa Hong F'02 Yes Yes
Kerry Hoefling Jessani F'02 Yes Yes
Robert Johnston C'02 Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Kenny B'02 Yes
Meghan (Meg) Kinnard F'02 Yes
Keavney Klein N'02, L'08 Yes
Bordon Lai B'02 Yes
John Lawrence C'02 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Lengle C'02 Yes Yes
Krista Schmitt Loose F'02 Yes Yes
Emily MacDonald F'02 Yes
Nicholas (Nick) Majka F'02 Yes Yes
Michael Marra B'02 Yes Yes
Brian McCabe F'02 Yes Yes
Colleen McCally N'02 Yes Yes
W. Sean McLaughlin F'02 Yes
Kylie Cooper McNamara C'02, L'06 Yes
David Mell B'02 Yes Yes
John (J.R.) Milone B'02, MBA'07 Yes
Kathleen Morrell C'02 Yes Yes
Leigh Walsdorf Moynihan B'02 Yes
Caragh Moynihan Lengle C'02 Yes
Courtney King Murphy C'02 Yes Yes
Maria Navarro F'02 Yes Yes
Andrew Neal F'02 Yes Yes
Gillie Nevel B'02 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Roche Parija B'02 Yes Yes
Scott Pedowitz F'02 Yes
Aaron Polkey C'02 Yes
Kathleen (Katie) Potter C'02 Yes Yes
Marissa McGann Quebbeman C'02 Yes
Natalie Raabe F'02 Yes Yes
Jeffrey (Jeff) Reinhardt B'02 Yes
Catherine Rettaliata C'02 Yes
Cara Riley C'02 Yes Yes
Marc Rugani C'02 Yes
Edward (Ed) Safaryan F'02 Yes
Marie Sanders F'02, MA'02 Yes
Kyle Seifried C'02, L'05 Yes Yes
Evan Seiler B'02 Yes Yes
Jessica Quinn Smits C'02 Yes Yes
Ann Forte Thorkelson C'02 Yes Yes
Melissa Vergara C'02, MA'06 Yes
Phil Vincenti C'02 Yes Yes
Brian Walsh C'02 Yes Yes
Lindsey Durbin Whetzel C'02 Yes
Jonas Wiltz N'02 Yes Yes
Wendy Perez Young C'02 Yes Yes
Class of 2007 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 165
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Vikram Agrawal F'07 Yes
Nicole Stocking Aho N'07 Maybe
Robert Alaimo F'07 Yes Yes
Katharine (Kaki) Albritton F'07 Yes Yes
Jonathon Alexander B'07 Yes
Chloe Asselin C'07 Yes
Caroline Stoga Bagley C'07 Yes
Frank Balsamello C'07, L'10 Yes Yes
Rahul Bansal B'07 Yes
Kate Fisher Baumann B'07 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Belanger C'07 Yes Yes
Megan Reimers Bent C'07 Yes
Cecile Berta B'07 Yes
Emily Betson F'07 Yes
Ketan Bhalla F'07 Yes
Christopher Bianco B'07 Yes
Lauren Blute C'07 Maybe
Michelle Foxx Bowens N'07 Yes
Jacquelyn (Jackie) Branscomb F'07 Yes
Connor (Coco) Stanwick Brant F'07 Yes
Carolina Brochado F'07 Yes Yes
Enje Brown C'07 Yes
Katherine Rogers Bucciarelli C'07 Yes Yes
Burton Bulger C'07 Yes
Rosemarie Calabro Tully C'07 Yes
Evan Caplan F'07 Yes
Tabatha Blake Carter C'07 Yes
Lauren Caselli F'07 Yes Yes
Rob Cedrone B'07 Yes
David (Dave) Chiang F'07 Yes
Brett Clements C'07 Yes Yes
Angela Clubb F'07 Yes
Joseph (Joe) Cofrancesco C'07 Yes Yes
Mary Conlon C'07 Yes
G. Preston (Preston) Connell C'07 Yes
Christine Craddock F'07 Yes Yes
Molly Creeden C'07 Yes
Stephen (Steve) Cummings C'07 Yes
Tara Halsch Curtin C'07 Yes
Nana Hanson-Hall Dagadu C'07 Yes Yes
Catherine Lally Danziger C'07 Yes Yes
Kristen Fohrer DeArman C'07 Yes Yes
Austin DeArman C'07 Yes Yes
Kristen DeForrest C'07 Yes
Jonathan Deutsch C'07 Yes Yes
Erin Devlin F'07, MA'08 Yes
Lauren DiFilippo B'07 Yes
Roosevelt Donat C'07 Yes
Mary-Nicole Dorn C'07 Yes
Danielle Doucet C'07 Yes
Valentina Collins Doyon F'07 Yes
Erin O'Connor Dwyer C'07 Yes
Kaitlyn Edsall C'07 Yes
Kathleen Riordan Elsner F'07 Yes
Margaret (Maggie) Siller England F'07 Yes Yes
Kevin Englert C'07 Yes Yes
Michelle Engmann F'07 Yes
Lauren Tanick Epshteyn C'07 Yes
Alana Esposito F'07 Yes Yes
David Fajgenbaum N'07 Yes
Arthur (Artie) Falgione B'07 Yes
Matthew (Matt) Farrell N'07, N'13 Yes
Chloe Kamarck Fox C'07 Yes
Chloe Free C'07 Maybe
Claudia Gabriel C'07 Yes Yes
Amanda Gant F'07, MPP'12 Yes
Vera Garcia C'07 Yes Yes
Daniel Gavula B'07 Yes
Nicole Giuntoli C'07 Yes
Ivan (Sven) Glasovac F'07 Yes Yes
Arielle Holland Griffin C'07 Yes
Zach Gut C'07 Yes Yes
Caitlin Devlin Haas N'07 Yes
Kirk Haidet C'07 Yes Yes
Chris Haines B'07 Yes
Jennifer Hanson C'07 Yes Yes
Leslie Harwell F'07 Yes Yes
Tara Healey C'07 Yes
Jason Hibner C'07, MA'10 Yes
Ashley Hickey C'07 Yes
Caroline Hoch C'07 Yes
Aileen Hogan B'07 Yes
Lucas (Luke) Holden B'07 Yes Yes
Jean Hosty F'07 Yes
Julia Houlihan C'07 Yes
Eunice Jin B'07 Yes
Ivy Kaplin B'07 Yes Yes
Meredith Karam C'07 Yes Yes
Caitlin Keane C'07 Yes Yes
Justin Kozlowski B'07 Yes Yes
Michael-Casper (Casper) Kroop C'07 Yes
Alex Lacey F'07 Yes
John Lazar C'07 Yes Yes
Grace Lee F'07 Yes Yes
Velina Luhur F'07 Yes
Beatriz Rynne Mann C'07 Yes Yes
Caitlin Kelly Marcoux F'07 Yes Yes
Margaret Marrer F'07 Yes
Geovanny Martinez C'07 Yes Yes
Richard Matsui F'07 Yes
Rita Maxwell C'07 Yes Yes
Chase Mazzariello B'07 Yes Yes
Fiona McCarthy C'07 Yes Yes
Kevin McElroy F'07 Maybe
Lauren McGaughy F'07 Yes
Kristine Meyer C'07 Yes
Meridith Mikulich N'07 Yes
Colleen Moorman C'07, MS'12, PHD'17 Yes Yes
Neil Morgan B'07 Yes
Patrick Morrissey C'07 Yes
Jessica (Jess) Moss C'07 Yes Yes
Benjamin Naylor C'07 Yes
Gregory (Greg) Nelson C'07 Yes Yes
Vanessa Sheets Niven C'07 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Nugent C'07, MAAS'10 Yes Yes
Andrew O'Brien-Penney F'07 Yes Yes
Ejikeme (Steve) Okoroha C'07 Yes
Amy Osekowsky F'07 Yes
Christopher Paulus B'07 Yes Yes
Heather Pearson F'07, MA'08 Yes Yes
Catherine Pontoriero C'07 Yes
Whitney Porter C'07 Yes
Tara Prout C'07 Yes Yes
Jane (Stuart) Ramsey F'07 Yes Yes
Bradley (George) Razook B'07 Yes
Andrew Rehwinkel C'07 Yes
Shamin Rostami F'07 Yes Yes
Dominique Sacco B'07 Yes Yes
Mary (Molly) McGuinness Saxon C'07 Yes
Gordon Schoenfeld C'07 Yes Yes
Frederick (Ricky) Schramm C'07, MBA'12 Yes
Celeste Tinari Scott F'07 Yes Yes
Matthew Scovotti B'07 Yes Yes
Laura Reynolds Scovotti C'07 Yes Yes
Katherine (Katie) Shanahan F'07 Yes
Tim Shannon N'07 Yes
Allison Shapiro F'07 Yes Yes
Katherine Smith C'07 Yes
David Solomon C'07 Yes
Michael Stecher F'07 Yes Yes
Britt Cass Steckman C'07, L'10 Yes
Margaret (Maggie) Steele C'07 Yes Yes
Emily Stone C'07 Yes
Christopher (Chris) Stucko F'07, L'12 Yes Yes
Sean Sullivan F'07 Yes
Molly Szramowski C'07 Yes Yes
Aileen Tejeda C'07 Yes
Natalie Hess Trento C'07 Yes
Jamie Trotter N'07 Yes
Todor Tzolov F'07 Yes Yes
Erin Valenti B'07 Maybe
Mara Vandlik C'07, MA'10 Yes
Michael Vasquez F'07 Yes
Alison Noelker Vinciguerra C'07 Yes Yes
Brian Wang B'07 Yes Yes
Ziliang (Mike) Wang B'07 Yes Yes
Caroline Watkins C'07 Yes Yes
Jessica (Jessie) O'Hara White C'07 Yes
Molly Williams N'07 Yes Yes
Lauren Willis B'07 Yes
Elizabeth Dolan Winking C'07 Yes Yes
Kathryn Cogswell Wolf C'07, M'13 Yes Yes
Kelly Croglio Wotring C'07 Yes
Vonetta Young C'07, MBA'13 Yes Yes
Alison Zatta C'07 Yes Yes
Class of 2012 ^Return to the top
No. RSVP'd - 390
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Ecem Acar B'12, S'15 Yes Yes
Marvin Aguilar C'12 Yes Yes
Isabel Aguirre-Kelly C'12 Yes Yes
Elif Akyildiz B'12 Yes Yes
Haya Al Husry F'12 Yes Yes
Alexandra Allegra F'12 Yes Yes
Emily Allen C'12 Yes Yes
Emily Alpert C'12 Yes Yes
Chip Altieri C'12, L'17 Yes Yes
Brett Ambrose C'12 Yes Yes
Patricia Anaya F'12 Yes Yes
Derek Anderson C'12 Yes
Charlotte Dillon Anderson C'12, MS'13 Yes
Maksimiliyan Andonov F'12 Yes Yes
Nicholas (Nick) Antunes C'12 Yes Yes
Julien Apollon F'12 Yes Yes
Sara Appleton C'12 Yes Yes
Nezihe Araz F'12 Yes Yes
Iveta Bakalova C'12 Yes Yes
Sarah Balistreri C'12 Yes
Christopher Ballard C'12 Yes Yes
Michael Barclay C'12 Yes Yes
Greg Barnes B'12 Maybe
Alexandra (Lynn) Barry F'12 Yes Yes
Timothy Bayer B'12 Yes Yes
Lili Bayer F'12 Maybe
Jeanette Bayoumi F'12 Yes Yes
Eric Begoun F'12 Yes Yes
Aodhan Beirne C'12 Yes Yes
Conor Bennett C'12 Yes Yes
Eryn Bentley C'12 Yes Yes
Geoffrey Bible F'12, MA'16 Yes Yes
Emily Bierman C'12, PHD'23 Yes Yes
Rakan Bilbeisi B'12 Yes Yes
Christopher Bisanzo C'12 Yes Yes
Erin Booth C'12 Yes Yes
Kelsey Bostrom C'12 Yes Yes
Rachel Braun F'12 Yes Yes
Eugene Brodach B'12 Yes Yes
Kaitlin Broderick F'12 Yes Yes
Stephen Buchanan F'12 Yes
Mary (Molly) Burke C'12 Yes Yes
Amanda Burlone B'12 Yes Yes
Jaclyn Wright Butler C'12 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Butterfield B'12 Yes Yes
Joseph Calafiore C'12 Yes Yes
Corey Cameron N'12 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Campbell C'12, M'16 Yes Yes
Timothy Carey C'12 Yes
Michael Carter C'12 Yes Yes
Angela Catalano C'12 Yes Yes
Lisa Cavazuti C'12 Yes Yes
Margaret Cekuta F'12 Yes Yes
Ana Cenaj C'12 Yes
Elizabeth Cerabino C'12 Yes Yes
Phillip (Phil) Chang B'12 Yes Yes
Kinne Chapin C'12 Yes Yes
George Chedid B'12 Yes Yes
Andrew Chen C'12 Yes Yes
Karalyn Chen B'12 Yes
David Chin C'12 Yes Yes
Neil Chirite F'12 Yes Yes
Neil Claracay N'12 Yes Yes
Deven Comen C'12 Yes Yes
Luke Connor B'12 Yes Yes
Peter Corrigan C'12 Yes Yes
Kathryn Costello B'12 Yes Yes
Hannah Klusendorf Cousino C'12 Yes Yes
Will Cousino F'12 Yes Yes
Rachel Cox C'12 Yes Yes
Sean Crane N'12 Yes Yes
Adria Crawford C'12 Yes Yes
Bradford Crist F'12 Yes Yes
Christopher Cronbaugh C'12, MA'17 Yes Yes
Lindsay Crouch C'12 Yes Yes
Ryan Crowe C'12 Yes Yes
Brian Czarnecki C'12 Yes Yes
Scott Darby B'12 Yes Yes
Abigail Davids C'12 Yes Yes
Jessica Davis C'12, MBA'19 Yes Yes
Alicia Davis N'12 Yes Yes
Szena Dayo N'12 Yes Yes
Caitlin DeLaurentis C'12 Yes
Katherine (Kate) DeRosa C'12 Yes
Kathryn DeVincenzo C'12 Yes Yes
Joanna Dearolf C'12, MS'13 Yes
Federico Del Bono C'12 Yes Yes
Margaret Delaney C'12 Yes Yes
Mark Dennin C'12, S'13 Yes Yes
Owen Dinsmore B'12 Yes Yes
Anatole Doak C'12 Yes Yes
Nicholas Dodd C'12 Yes
Ryan Dodge B'12 Yes Yes
Catherine (Kiki) Dolan C'12 Yes Yes
Madeleine Dolan C'12 Yes Yes
Breanna (Bre) Donald N'12 Yes Yes
Kelly Donlin B'12 Yes Yes
Lindsey Dooner C'12 Yes Yes
Brian Dorfman B'12 Yes Yes
Emma Dowell B'12 Yes Yes
Christine Dryden F'12 Yes Yes
Anna Dubinsky F'12, MBA'17 Yes Yes
Alexandra Dudziuk F'12, MA'16 Yes Yes
Nicholas Dugan C'12 Yes Yes
Allison (Allie) Duignan N'12 Yes Yes
Valerie Echeveste C'12 Yes Yes
Marisa Edmonds C'12 Yes Yes
Katherine (Katie) Eisenstein C'12 Yes Yes
Christopher Eng F'12 Yes Yes
Patrick Eronini N'12 Yes Yes
Gillian Evans F'12 Yes Yes
Jillian Falbe N'12 Yes Yes
Katherine Farrell C'12 Yes
Lane Feler F'12 Yes Yes
Lawson Ferguson F'12, MSFS'16 Yes Yes
Leticia Ferreras F'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Fessler N'12 Yes Yes
Adam Fine C'12 Yes Yes
Kate Finnerty F'12, MBA'19 Yes Yes
Karen Fong B'12 Yes Yes
Gregory Francfort C'12 Yes
Hannah Frank C'12 Yes Yes
Egan Frawley N'12 Yes Yes
Anthony (Tony) Freeman F'12 Yes Yes
Stephanie Frenel F'12 Yes Yes
Gahan Furlane N'12 Yes Yes
Lauren Gambardella C'12 Yes Yes
Victoria Gamlen C'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Gannett N'12 Yes Yes
Larissa Garbade C'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Garbitelli C'12 Yes Yes
Elise Garofalo C'12 Yes Yes
Molly Gasparre C'12 Yes Yes
Gregory Germain C'12 Yes Yes
Matthew Geyer C'12 Yes Yes
Nardos Ghebreab C'12 Yes Yes
Margaret Girard C'12 Yes Yes
John Glascott C'12 Yes Yes
Kelly Gleason N'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Goldberg F'12 Yes Yes
Alejandro Gonzalez-Lopez F'12 Yes Yes
Richard Goode B'12 Yes Yes
Abigail (Abby) Grahek N'12, N'15 Yes Yes
Kevin Graver B'12 Yes
Michela Greco C'12 Yes Yes
Brendan Griffiths B'12 Yes Yes
Molli Grossman C'12 Yes Yes
Arpita Guha B'12 Yes
Jeremy Guyton C'12 Yes Yes
Nora Hajjar F'12 Yes Yes
DeJoire Hall C'12 Yes Yes
William Hance C'12 Yes Yes
Megan Hand B'12 Yes Yes
Reza Handley-Namavar B'12 Yes Yes
Fiona Hanly F'12, MA'16 Yes Yes
Maredith Hannon C'12 Yes Yes
Alyxie Harrick F'12 Yes
Catharine (Catie) Harte C'12, MS'19 Yes Yes
Brittany Heckel C'12 Yes Yes
Brooke Heinichen F'12 Yes Yes
Carly Heitlinger B'12 Yes Yes
K'Sean Henderson C'12, L'18 Yes Yes
Kelsey Hendricks C'12 Yes Yes
Sarah Henningsen C'12 Yes Yes
Nathan Hochstetler C'12 Yes Yes
Cameron Hoerner F'12 Yes Yes
Caroline Holkeboer C'12 Yes Yes
Jessica Holton B'12 Yes Yes
Daniel Huffman F'12 Yes Yes
Yongmin Hwang C'12 Yes Yes
Samuel Hyman C'12 Yes Yes
Nicholas Iacono C'12 Yes Yes
Michael Infante B'12 Yes Yes
Onni Irish F'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Jacobsen C'12 Yes Yes
Isabelle James N'12 Yes Yes
Mary Kathryn James C'12 Yes Yes
Jennifer Jermain C'12 Yes
Caileigh (Cay) Johnston B'12 Yes Yes
Samantha Johnston B'12 Yes Yes
Timothy (Tim) Jonathan B'12 Yes Yes
Kaitlyn Juelis C'12 Yes Yes
Nicole Jullian F'12 Yes Yes
Silky Kadakia C'12 Yes Yes
Matthew Kahn B'12 Yes Yes
Kristie Kalenka B'12 Yes
Hannah Kang F'12 Yes Yes
Thomas Kearney C'12, L'15 Yes Yes
Ashley Kempczynski C'12, L'15 Yes Yes
John Kenchelian C'12, MPP'15, MBA'18 Yes Yes
Andrew Kennedy N'12 Yes Yes
Katherine Kettle C'12 Yes Yes
Alexa Keyes C'12 Yes Yes
Rebecca (Becky) Kiely C'12 Yes Yes
Chaeyoung Kim C'12 Yes Yes
Daniel Kim F'12 Yes Yes
Megan Rogers Kirby C'12 Yes
Paige Kirby F'12 Yes Yes
Molly Kirk B'12 Yes Yes
Jenna Kirschner C'12 Yes Yes
Rebecca (Becky) Kissel F'12 Yes Yes
Caroline Klibanoff C'12 Yes Yes
Megan Knight B'12 Yes Yes
Diana Kolar B'12 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Kozak B'12 Yes Yes
Lauren Kronthal C'12 Yes
Zachary Krumme C'12 Yes Yes
Lauren Ladd-Reinfrank Ladd F'12 Yes Yes
Meaghan LeMay C'12 Yes Yes
John Leader B'12 Yes Yes
Alissa Lee F'12 Yes Yes
Andrea Lee N'12 Yes Yes
Megan Lenihan C'12 Yes Yes
Joseph Leon F'12 Yes Yes
Alexander (Alex) Lepore C'12 Yes Yes
John Leslie F'12 Yes Yes
Andrew Levin B'12 Yes
Katherine (Katy) Lewandowski N'12 Yes Yes
Allison Lewis F'12, L'19 Yes
Robert Lewis B'12 Yes Yes
Gary Li B'12 Yes Yes
Katherine (Kitty) Lichtenstein B'12 Yes
Daniel Lima B'12 Yes Yes
Kristiina Liuksila C'12 Yes Yes
Reynolds Lowry C'12 Yes
Katharine Lynn C'12 Yes Yes
Alexandra Macko B'12 Yes Yes
Vanessa Magli B'12 Yes Yes
Lauren Mahon N'12, MS'15 Yes Yes
Mary Mahoney N'12 Yes Yes
Jordan Maitland C'12 Yes Yes
Paul Malandra F'12 Yes
Ashley Malone B'12 Yes Yes
Michael Manchester B'12 Yes Yes
Kaitlin Margraf B'12 Yes Yes
Evan Markiles C'12 Yes Yes
Ana Matias C'12 Yes Yes
Zachary (Zach) Matilsky C'12, MS'14 Yes Yes
Jarvis Matthews C'12 Yes Yes
Whitney McAniff C'12 Yes Yes
Kelly McCabe C'12 Yes Yes
Clare McCarrick C'12 Yes Yes
Claire McCleskey F'12, MA'14 Yes
Kelsey McCullough C'12, MS'13 Yes Yes
Taryn McDonnell F'12 Yes Yes
Francis McDonough B'12 Yes Yes
Margaux McGrath C'12 Yes Yes
Elise McKenna B'12 Yes Yes
Sarah McMahon C'12 Yes Yes
Emilio Mendez C'12 Yes
Maria Mendiola C'12 Yes Yes
Amy Mesner C'12 Yes Yes
Ianthe Metzger C'12 Yes Yes
Lili Meyer C'12 Yes Yes
Kathleen Michel C'12 Yes
Elle Midey C'12 Yes Yes
Kyle Miller B'12 Yes Yes
Melissa Miller C'12 Yes Yes
Ryan Millerick C'12, MA'16 Yes Yes
Catherine Mills C'12 Yes Yes
Aleksa Miskinis F'12 Yes Yes
Mary Cannon Mohler C'12 Yes Yes
Madeline Molo C'12 Yes Yes
Charles Moran B'12 Yes Yes
Dara Morano C'12 Yes Yes
Adam Mortillaro C'12 Yes Yes
Jasmine Morton C'12 Yes Yes
Rebecca Moses C'12 Yes Yes
Matthew Mosquera F'12, MS'13 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Mulhern C'12 Yes
Lara Murad F'12 Yes
Anne Musica C'12, MA'18 Yes Yes
Brett Nadrich F'12 Yes Yes
Rajan Narang C'12, MA'15 Yes Yes
Marie-Camille Negrin C'12 Yes Yes
Angela Nelson C'12 Yes Yes
Peter Nesbitt F'12 Yes Yes
Alexander (Alex) Newton F'12 Yes Yes
Ai Nishino C'12 Yes Yes
Charles Nocker F'12 Yes Yes
Rafael Notario C'12 Yes Yes
David Nulsen F'12, L'15 Yes
Katie O'Brien C'12 Yes
Eamon O'Connor C'12 Yes Yes
Susan O'Rourke C'12 Yes
Joaquin Ormeno F'12 Yes Yes
Samuel Osea C'12, MS'14 Yes Yes
Regan Page C'12 Yes Yes
Katie Pak C'12 Yes Yes
Grace Park F'12, MA'13 Yes Yes
Arianna Pattek F'12 Yes Yes
Julie Patterson C'12 Yes Yes
Gregory Patterson C'12 Yes Yes
Andrew Pence F'12 Yes
Zayan Pereborow B'12 Yes Yes
Katherine Perzan C'12, M'18 Yes Yes
Bibiana Pesant B'12, L'15 Yes Yes
Chris Pigott C'12 Yes Yes
Nicholas (Nick) Pinto B'12 Yes Yes
Alexander Pon C'12 Yes Yes
Angela Pontes N'12 Yes Yes
Jamil Poonja C'12 Yes Yes
Bridget Power C'12 Yes Yes
Stephanie Pozuelos N'12 Yes Yes
Megan (Dee) Price C'12 Yes
Caterina (Catie) Profaci C'12 Yes
Bradley Puffenbarger C'12 Yes
Sarah Quehrn F'12 Yes Yes
David Quintero B'12 Yes Yes
Omar Rahman C'12, M'17, MBA'17 Yes
Radha Ramjeawan B'12 Yes Yes
Martine Randolph F'12 Yes Yes
Richard Rattay C'12, S'13 Yes Yes
Nina Ravi F'12 Yes Yes
Peter Rawinski B'12 Yes
Katharine Reilly C'12 Yes Yes
Brendan Renehan C'12 Yes Yes
Michael Riley B'12 Yes Yes
Richard Rinaldi B'12 Yes Yes
Christine Roberts C'12 Yes Yes
Graham Robertson C'12 Yes Yes
Perry Rogers B'12 Yes
Patrick Ryan C'12 Yes Yes
Marie Sahrmann B'12 Yes Yes
Kyun Saiidnia C'12 Yes Yes
Lila Samperton C'12 Yes Yes
Henri Santos C'12 Yes Yes
Katie Mercuro Sapunor C'12 Yes Yes
Andrew Schaetzke B'12 Yes Yes
Jessica Schieder F'12, MSFS'18 Yes Yes
Michael Schoppmann C'12 Yes Yes
Victoria Schramm C'12 Yes Yes
Karl Schuettler F'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Seaman C'12 Yes Yes
Brian Seaman B'12 Yes Yes
Heather Seamans C'12 Yes Yes
Marc Sella B'12 Yes Yes
Brian Sergi F'12 Yes Yes
Angela Sessa B'12 Yes Yes
Anishi Shah F'12 Yes Yes
Nicholas Shaker C'12 Yes Yes
Sari Sharoni C'12, MA'14 Yes
Brittany Shaw F'12 Yes Yes
Shannon Shaw B'12 Yes Yes
Matthew Shea C'12 Yes Yes
Aileen Shea C'12 Yes Yes
Craig Simoneau B'12 Yes Yes
Matthew Simpson C'12 Yes Yes
Jagmeet Singh F'12 Yes Yes
Virginia Smith F'12 Yes
Trent Smith C'12 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Smith C'12 Yes Yes
Andrew (A, J.) Stabb B'12 Yes Yes
Tucker Stafford C'12 Yes Yes
Margaret Steenland C'12 Yes Yes
Andrew Street C'12 Yes Yes
Daniel Subak C'12 Yes
Colleen Sullivan B'12 Yes Yes
Mary Supplitt F'12 Yes Yes
Jeffrey Sutton B'12 Yes Yes
Michael Sweeney B'12 Yes Yes
Christopher Szurgot C'12 Yes Yes
Adam Talbot C'12 Yes Yes
Holly Tao C'12 Yes Yes
Meghan Taylor C'12 Yes Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Hanna Thompson C'12, M'16 Yes Yes
Brendan Thompson F'12, MBA'18 Yes Yes
Kathryn (Katie) Thompson B'12 Yes
Philip (Trey) Thornton C'12 Yes Yes
Alexandra Tynion C'12 Yes
D. M. Van Fossan B'12 Yes Yes
Laurel Van Tassel C'12 Yes Yes
Helene Vincent C'12 Yes Yes
Remy Wainfeld C'12 Yes Yes
Alyssa Warren F'12 Yes Yes
Amanda Watson F'12 Yes Yes
Sally Faith (Faith) Webber C'12, MA'14 Yes Yes
Linda Wei F'12 Yes Yes
Benjamin (Ben) Werner F'12 Yes Yes
Monique Wilkins F'12 Yes Yes
Jade Williams B'12 Yes Yes
Ryan Wilson C'12, L'15 Yes Yes
Brianna Wilson B'12 Yes Yes
Jamie Wolfe C'12 Yes
Alyssa Wolfington F'12 Yes Yes
Michael Wong B'12 Yes Yes
Toddchelle (Toddy) Young C'12 Yes Yes
Natasha Zaveri N'12 Yes Yes
Ryan Zimmerman C'12 Yes Yes
Robert (Rob) Zochowski C'12 Yes Yes
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No. RSVP'd - 7
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Nancy Arbree C'74, D'77 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Athanasoulas D'67 Yes
David (Dave) Crouse D'67 Yes
John George D'87 Yes Yes
Pamela Nielsen D'87 Yes
Roger Strause D'87 Yes Yes
Jack Zuber D'87 Yes